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I had Gabby start & ride several horses for me & she did an outstanding job. I sent her several horses that were only halter broke due to the fact I had been in an accident & was unable to work with them.  When I got the horses back from her, they were all gentle, very quiet, and had no spook. They were good with their feet and rode awesome! I rodeo & train my own Barrel horses but due to my accident I couldn’t take any chances on being thrown from a horse. All of these horses were so safe for me when I got them back home.  They were ready to start their barrel training as she had such a good handle on them. I could ride them out in big, wide open country to gather cattle with confidence because they were so well broke & she had put so much time into them.  I would highly recommend Gabby to start colts, put finishing touches on, or to tune up your broke horse.  She is very quiet & kind to the horses & your horse will come back reflecting that.

Dori Hollenbeck, Winner, SD

2X Nebraska State Barrel Racing Champion

2X MSRA Barrel Racing Champion

1X IRA Barrel Racing Champion

Numerous time All Around Champion in NSRA, MSRA, IRA

Inducted into South Dakota Casey Tibbs Rodeo Hall of Fame

Gabby started working with Fargo when he turned 3. She put about 90 days on him. He learned all the basics from Gabby. Good proof of trailer training as he easily gets into a variety of different trailers. As I got to know him over the first few days I could tell she had done a wonderful job. He was calm and understood the different things I was asking. I could groom, saddle and ride him easily. He is now a very fun 6 year old that does dressage, lots of trail riding and has completed 4 LDs and one 50 mile endurance ride.  There will more endurance rides and other things I know he is capable of trying, Gabby completely gets the credit for giving him a great beginning and sending me a horse that I can go down lots of different trails with. Thanks Gabby!

Kathy Brayton, San Jose, CA

Gabby put 90 days on my little Arab when he was almost 4. By the end of her training, he could open gates from either side, back up nicely, snd stand for every ... single thing. And I could take off jackets and put them on. He was totally safe and easy to ride! He could walk, trot and canter nicely and had excellent transitions between the gaits. I highly recommend her careful and patient training.

Julia Sugg Lankes, Sisterdale, TX

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